Thursday, August 20, 2009

This article in The Nation by Jeremy Scahill, link below, is chilling. Another article appears in the NYTimes today regarding the CIA paid connection to Blackwater linked below as well. If you do not want to read this please at least scroll down to the Department of Defense war statistics.

Erik Prince of the Blackwater fame is the president of the mercenary army the Bush administration hired to supplement US forces in Iraq and allowed to run wild. Blackwater has been a law unto itself accountable to no one. He is the closest thing to a true American fascist (I do not use that term lightly) I have seen who is actually employed by our government in Iraq especially under Bush. How much he operates now I do not know but it would not shock me to find his nefarious fingerprints in many places. He is a Christian crusader and because of a civil suit filed by Iraqis in the US Court in Virginia is being investigated for NUMEROUS murders of innocents in Iraq and is alleged to have committed possible murders of his own men who were potential whistle blowers. He allegedly has threatened many in his own organization with death and it is alleged had others murdered as depositions which are currently being taken under oath indicate as The Nation artic le below illuminates. We do not know if a grand jury has been convened to investigate these alleged dastardly activities as secrecy laws pertaining to grand jury investigations prevail. In addition, as the article states, he is known to use a variety of money laundering techniques skimming funds off for himself eluding criminal prosecution. The tide MAY be changing emphasis on may.

One HOPES that he will get a post haste criminal prosecution. His crimes truly are reminiscent of fascistic international exploits of the Nazi variety except his crusade is against innocent Muslims in Iraq and really against Muslims no matter who they are everywhere. His hatred of and threat to those who oppose him even in his own organization are legendary. Blackwater's actions do NOT add to US interests internationally and that is an understatement, in fact, they contribute negatively to our already quite tainted image. I have seen him interviewed and he is the mind numbing prototype of a Knights Templar Christian crusader. What makes him truly frightening is he has access to a plethora of weaponry and even illegal weaponry such as grenades and explosives that detonate AFTER they are projected into the person. See Jeremy Scahill's book Blackwater:The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army for more information on this truly horrific entity that the Bush administration used with gusto and is an organization I have read which perhaps is STILL shockingly operating in Iraq and elsewhere.

All Christians, Jews, Muslims and non believers alike should be disgusted. Erik Prince is still a free man loaded for bear and he still wants to Christianize the entire world! Urge news organizations and especially news commentators to report on these issues, write the Congress, the President and the Justice Department or anyone you think to encourage bringing this man to justice for the crimes he is alleged to have committed and meet out the punishment he, in my opinion, so justly deserves!

See DOD (Department of Defense) statistics of a war in which the nation Iraq the United States invaded did NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to us to warrant it.

WAS IRAQ WORTH ALL THIS? Stats from DOD Derived from web site:


I think most may agree with me. The Iraq War was NOT worth it and now the total number of lives it cost far exceeds the 9/11 deaths. This is an immoral, illegal horror show and those in power who began it unlawfully based on lies should be held accountable.

The fact that many of us in the beginning (including, I am sad to say, me) supported it because I believed the administration knew more than I. Most of our Congress voted to fund it (including Democrats) is a fact to be ashamed of for the rest of our lives AND it is the reason that in the future before a leader takes a country and serves up its young and its finest to be slaughtered there better be a DAMN good highly INVESTIGATED reason why we should do so! The MORAL of the story which I SHOULD have learned long ago: Never believe power. ALWAYS question it!

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