Thursday, October 12, 2006

Passionate about Gibson: I wholeheartedly agree with Joy Behr of The View when she commented recently about Mel Gibson and his anemic apology for his drunken comments about Jews when he was arrested. I agree with her that Gibson should be drummed out of the industry despite his feeble attempts to extricate himself from his own quicksand. It galls me, too, as indicated by a letter which was written to The View, when Catholics or other Christians compare anti-Christian statements to anti-Semitism. There is NO comparison.

For 2000 years of tragic Jewish history, Christianity and later Islam have made a concerted effort to marginalize and then, ultimately, to try to exterminate the Jew no matter how small the Jewish population was or is. The Holocaust came out of somewhere. It has strong roots in the metamorphosis of Christianity and its view of the Jew as a betrayer of God popularized in the culture of the Middle Ages and continuing in contemporary times. That baton, like a relay race, has been passed to Islam. The Jews, small as they may be, are a constant never- ending target. 6,000,000 Jewish dead are not enough for anti-Semites, they have to make a film called the Passion of the Christ to rub the accusation of decide in a little further and to remind Christians (as if they had forgotten) of the accusation emanating from the Gospels that the Jews, through betrayal, were responsible for the torturing and killing of their God. She was absolutely correct that film was anti-Semitic but Gibson waited until he was dead drunk to reveal the essence of his true being. The Passion reflects that core. No one else made that film. He did and reaped millions in profits from it.

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