Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Witch Hunting Trip for Kolbe: I believe there ALWAYS is a hidden motivation for ANYTHING the Bush administration does. The fact that page investigations are being done by the Justice Department headed by Alberto Gonzalez, a Bush appointee, to me, is suspect. Having said that, of course, if anything improper was done by Kolbe, retiring congressman from Colorado, on his 1996 trip to the Grand Canyon with pages and an army of other people including his sister, it should be brought to light post haste.

Still, I cannot help but suspect that the Bush administration's goal for the Republican page scandal damage control now is to make sure that enough Republican gay men are witch hunted so that they can conveniently put the blame on the country's new and Republican fueled target -- all gays. I believe they would like to reinvent old suspicions about homosexuals and at least project a commitment to drumming gays out of the Republican party to save their so called "base." Why any gay person would ever even WANT to be in the Republican party is beyond me. Why ANY person -- especially middle class or blue collar person -- would want to be a member of this inept, corrupt, lie enshrined, Republican party is beyond me too!!

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