Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Negotiate with N. Korea: Yes, the world has, indeed, gone crazy. Historically, though, it is no crazier than it has always been since our caveman origin. The stark difference, however, now of course, is the fact that nuclear weapons are a reality. Killing off millions of people by conventional weapons, horrific as that is, pales by comparison to the killing off hundreds of millions of people and even, perhaps, ultimately the entire human race in addition to stopping the ecological balance of nature itself by nuclear war.

This administration has been so horrific on so many of its policies and its actions, I could not even presume, unless I wanted to write a book, to list all of them. Perhaps the most egregious of its errors is its failure to at least TALK with an adversary. It is almost as if Bush and his minions WANT to go to war with Iran and N. Korea and his so-called "axis of evil" (as if our killing hundreds of thousands is not evil.) We KNOW he wanted to go to war with Iraq. The war in Iraq, of course, has cost us many things one of which is credibility. We have none. We have botched Iraq so badly it has emboldened Iran, made them the power supreme in the most volatile region on earth and should give us indigestion as to the potential for nuclear hand holding between the maniacs of Iran and the maniacs of N. Korea as well.

If the American public does not see the Bush follies from Iraq, to Katrina, to Foley, to corruption scandals, to lost billions, to Halliburton shenanigans, and now our refusal for one-on-one talks with Korea and hundreds of other egregious culture-shattering actions, then it never will. Can we not give this jerk Kim il Jong a phone call and make the guy happy? This administration's loathsome results of its actions are right in front of our faces for everyone to see. How the Christian Evangelicals, many of whom are poor, can even contemplate for one second a vote for Republicans and think that Republicans are in their corner is beyond me. The world sees the joke of this administration. The problem is the joke is on us!

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