Monday, October 02, 2006

FOLEY FALLOUT: Foley's conduct and the "investigation" of it is completely utter hypocrisy of the highest order and the most disgusting of politics. Now so the Republicans won't have to convene the Ethics Committee meeting they are putting this investigation in the hands of the FBI Justice Department headed by Alberto Gonzales? Talk about the fox guarding the proverbial chicken coop. They are doing this so that they can stall until after the elections and hope that the Foley sex furor dies down by then. What utter hypocrisy.

If this were between adults in the workplace it would still be egregious because it is in the workplace milieu but I would not be nearly as upset. If it is a consenting adult I do not give a hoot about what they sexually do. Let's face it sex is here to stay we are animals afterall. There MUST be limits and sexually grooming an obviously UNDERAGE page who is an employee of the US government is out of bounds. Worse hypocrisy, Foley's time was spent protecting children from Internet predators! These are the same Republicans that are the morality in everything advocates. These are the same Republicans who want to pillory gays and strip them of their human rights. This is simply dripping with hypocrisy it is hard to wrap one's brain around. To make matters worse, if that is possible, the cover-up was immense involving the House's highest leadership in Dennis Hastert and others.

All, absolutely all of those involved in passing the buck to save Republican skin, after knowing about Foley for over a year, to save the fall elections should resign forthwith. Gonzalez should recuse himself and a special NEUTRAL prosecutor should be appointed to investigate. They would demand nothing less of Democrats you can be sure of that. It should mean the same thing for them.

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