Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NIE Report: The President says the media stories regarding the NIE report were leaked and "create confusion in the minds of the American people." He decides to release part of the NIA report but not the whole thing because of "security concerns." Does he think we are absolute morons or just somewhat moronic? There is absolutely NO confusion whatsoever. Months maybe years before parts of that report were ever made public one would have to be hiding under a rock not to see the horrendous blunder of Iraq. It does not take a brain surgeon.

Speaking of hiding under a rock, after the bulldozing of everything this country has meant, that is exactly what I feel like doing. How he, Cheney and his minions sleep at night is beyond me!! LOTS of Xanax I'm sure! This administration train wreck is amazing truly amazing. I can just imagine what the hidden parts must say.

This inept insipid administration has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, treasure and possibly the security of this nation. How Christian they are. I'm sure Jesus would just love them all !

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