Monday, September 25, 2006

Bravo Bill: Bill Clinton's appearance on the Fox New Chris Wallace interview was a delight. Finally, someone who is articulate and who possesses a razor sharp command of the facts, indeed was directly involved in the facts, could slam home the point that Democrats and others should have been slamming home consistently since September 11, 2001. As our former President said at least he tried to get Bin Laden several times. What did Bush do to achieve that end?

The Clinton administration upon leaving office warned the Bush administration during the very first moments they turned over the reins of power that getting Bin Laden was of paramount importance as was the war on terror. Bush and his administration did nothing. They did nothing to continue to pursue policy to get the perpetrators regarding the USS Cole bombing and they did nothing to pursue or stop Bin Laden and his minions before they committed the 9/11 deadly attack. When President Bush received the Presidential Daily Briefing that said "Bin Laden determined to strike within US" his response was zero.

The criminal acts that this administration has perpetrated are legion. He has initiated a futile Iraq war without end by lying and morphing facts about it to fit his pre 9/11 desire to take Iraq out. He has shredded the Constitution. Worst of all, he has killed thousands in Iraq, demolished a country for nothing and alienated the world. Terrorists within Iraq itself and from foreign nations have flooded that country. Iran, our enemy and soon-to-be a nuclear nation, is now the benefactor supreme of George Bush's badly executed policies. US security agencies today have acknowledged that Iraq has made the war on terror worse and not better.

At last former President Clinton, a person to whom people might listen and whose opinion is respected, stated emphatically what needed to be said for over five years. The things that should have been done immediately when Bush assumed office never were. Let's hope, finally, the American people will understand that and change the balance of power as the buck certainly stops with them!

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