Monday, October 02, 2006

MONEY MONEY MONEY: Is EVERYTHING about money? Everything? The middle and blue collar class everywhere and I do mean everywhere in this country should realize Republicans are NOT I repeat NOT about them. Republicans are about the very very very rich and simply USE the so called "moral issues" as a smokescreen to co-opt the middle and blue collar vote especially in the red states.

Those people need to wake up and smell the cinnamon rolls. Republicans are about dough alright but not that kind of dough. They are about money and LOTS of it. They are about contracts in Iraq, tax cuts for billionaires, they are about money with respect to employers of illegal immigrants, they are even about money where the Foley scandal is concerned, securing our ports, voting machines and they are about oodles of money where the Abramoff and congressional influence pedaling issues are concerned. How much more evidence does the American public need? One would have to have just emerged from under a rock not to see it.

Democrats are not perfect but they are a damn site better than Republicans where money and influence brokering is concerned. The Congressional balance of power MUST be changed quickly or this nation will go absolutely broke, hit again by a terrorist attack or both!

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