Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Sinclair and the fourth estate--STOP SINCLAIR or offer progressive competition to it

MSNBC has done some good reporting on this latest threat to our democracy, Sinclair and Trump News. I believe for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I hope in progressive arenas we will offer some severe competition to this latest attempt by conservatives to saturate the airwaves with lies and rightwing propaganda as they have all across the nation when broadcasting on radio and other media. They do this now because they can and Fox News is in trouble. Rachel Maddow and MSNBC has dominated the networks now in the era of the real fake rightwing news--Donald Trump and his cronies. Rightwing funders have nearly unlimited cash and importantly they have the Commissioner of the FCC held by a Trump advocate who placed him in the position. Probably the FCC will grant a license to Sinclair Corporation which seeks to expand local news broadcasting by 72% across the nation. Its influence will be saturating as the article below reports.

Progressives MUST seek funding and promote competition to this latest attempt by conservatives to not only control the legislatures (state and national), the presidency, the courts but now they want the fourth estate, the media. We must offer them competition to all of it by keeping our eyes and ears open to their egregious attempts to monopolize power and present the true fake news for which Trump advocates.

Sinclair and other so called "conservative" media are attempting when Trump is gone or jailed to harness the base of his support. Do not let them do that without a fight by harnessing progressive power and we have lots of it. Beat them at their own game. Find money and ethical persons of business consequence and financial ability who can do this. In the interim we can alert our own base to this latest power grab and we can



Sinclair Broadcast’s Tribune Media Deal Could Blow Up the Local TV Landscape


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