Sunday, August 06, 2017

Nightmare of Injustice

Each day brings another horrific policy by the Drumpf administration. Now the Beast is making an attempt to examine the voter rolls for fraud in a nation which there have been Drumpf says, millions of uncounted voter frauds that means all of .000001 % so called voting fraud cases. Drumpf lies -- so what else is new?  Drumpf is one the most corrupt "leaders" on planet earth making himself unconstitutionally rich off the nation's taxpayer dime, taking vacations more times than he has been in his second home the White House he classifies in front of 8 witnesses "a dump" and making the Russian oligarchs and Mafia rich through alleged money laundering now deporting the law abiding grandmother and nurse who got trapped for alleged voter fraud. No court in this nation of alleged "justice" will give this woman a break. SHAMEFUL.

She was classified as a "permanent resident" and reported to immigration when she needed to. She did everything right except when a jerk at the Registry of Motor Vehicles as she attempted to renew her driver's license asked her if she wanted to vote. She checked yes because she was classified as a permanent resident and thought she could. She broke the law by doing that as permanent residence status does not give one the right to vote in this precious now authoritarian country ruled by a demagogue.

They entrapped her as she did not realize permanent resident status did not give her the right to vote. They duped her to check yes on the voting question on the form. She is a nurse who worked hard all her life for decades here, paid taxes for decades here and has children and grandchildren here getting booted back to Peru for that mistake never to be able to see her family here again.

Can someone wake me up from this nightmare of injustice?

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