Friday, July 07, 2017

The Nature of Nationalism

I am increasingly dismayed to read various opinions in the "Jewish Advocate" that say to me Jews, who read your newspaper, are increasingly supportive of Donald Trump even though Jews like I and, I believe, the majority of Jews remain decidedly left of center Democrat. In every modern election the Jewish people have voted emphatically so. Further, the Jewish people in general and this Jewess in particular, are firm adherents to civil rights laws and more than strongly resist Republican voter suppression techniques. Trump and his cronies under the guise of voter fraud, when there is no evidence of any, want to collect personal data of your voting history, including social security numbers and place that within the purview of Vice-President Pence. One will pardon me if I do not want my personal voting history along with other personal information including a social security number under the aegis of Vice-President Pence whose politics are an anathema to me. This authoritarian tactic is typical of the extremist right nationalist mantra to have government -- their government -- know and control the national vote.

It is typical of nationalist states like Turkey with its strongman Erdogan who has jailed thousands of opposition, silenced an oppositional press and whom Trump has praised. It is true also of nationalist Poland, a state in which Donald Trump just spoke on his way to the G-20 and was adored by its bused-in crowd. Trump effusively praised Poland’s new government. Poland's Foreign Minister showed his Law and Justice Party's (PiS) stripes when he stated on Polish Public television that his new government "has shed the country’s “negro mentality” when it comes to relations with the United States." Donald Trump has supported nationalist right wing candidates like extremist right French candidate Marine Le Pen who thankfully lost. Le Pen's Party tried mightily to shed its heretofore anti-Semitic past by expelling her Holocaust denying father. Still, she had time to say that France was not responsible for its roundup of Jews in the famous Vél d'Hiv roundup in July, 1942

Other European Nationalists are out there for all the world to see with their amalgam of Jew haters in their ranks. Make no mistake one need only look at the composition of the Republican Party during gatherings. It is almost exclusively white and is so for a reason. Trump shares the spotlight with other noxious Nationalist advocates having a proud history that names "America Firsters" like Charles Lindbergh in its ranks who seventy years ago urged the nation to support Adolph Hitler. Adding to this vile sentiment were his speeches that blamed -- who else -- but the Jews for the outbreak of war in Europe"

Watch out, my Jewish brethren, this is the modern Nationalism to which Trump adheres with his philosophical anti-Semitic Bannon base. It has an extremist right immigrant hating agenda welcoming, if not vociferously then by a head-nod, into its ranks those who raised their outstretched arms to him in Nazi-like style salute as well as presenting a silent home to those who brandish the fiery cross. The Republican Party of Trump is an authoritarian outgrowth of history. We have seen it many times before. Jews said no to it then and the six million Jewish souls of Europe, metaphorically, say no to it now.

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