Friday, July 07, 2017

Thank you

The media keeps blowing the Putin/Trump meeting up today like it's Yalta. It isn't. Only four will be in the meeting and two translators. The US side features the real estate bankruptcy king and now unfit-for-the-presidency Trump and
​Exxon ​oil magnet Tillerson. The Russian side features the 20 year KGB and politically experienced Vladimir Putin and 20 year experienced Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. It would be like the Tennessee
Tennessee ​Titans ​little league playing the big league New York Yankees.

​W​hat is the public going to know? It will know nothing unless the translators bring a bug into the room or they spill the beans afterward. Come on translators, if you can hack something anything please do. Does anyone think Trump will challenge Putin the bestower of elections? Putin knows plenty and Trump knows he does. He is Putin's puppet just like Hillary said he was.

​W​hat can ​Trump ​demand from Putin given Trump's allegedly knee deep association with the smarmy side of Russian money laundering, oligarchy, bank loans galore and, oh yes, an alleged possible pee tape? Would you press someone you knew could sink you in a nanosecond?

Putin has our dear leader in a box, signed, sealed and waiting for delivery if Drumpf doesn't lift the sanctions and return two spy compounds! Besides Donald wants the Russians to keep hacking Democratic elections. 

As S. V. Date says on Huffington: "If President Donald Trump wants to make a good first impression with Russian leader Vladimir Putin when they meet Friday, two words he might consider starting with are “thank” and “you.”" I say, Donald, have a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake and call it a day or else Putin will.

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