Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Truth or Consequences

The times we live in are, indeed, dangerous. Witness the NYT link below.

Cyberattack Hits Ukraine Then Spreads Internationally

Trump with his tweet about Syria planning a chemical attack, makes our political era even more perilous because we cannot know if Trump, the eternal liar, is telling the truth. The international community is stumped by the psychologically-unfit-for-the-presidency president.

The supposition is either Syria is planning another chemical attack on its own people or Trump could be feigning because Muller is getting close to the egregious allegedly Manchurian Russian agent we have elected to the presidency.

As Bill Maher would say "I do not know for a fact but I just know it's true" that Trump's tweet about Syria preparing a chemical attack and threatening a shock and awe attack against Syria and by proxy Iran and Russia as Syria's allies is his way of throwing us off suspecting him of collusion with Russia. He thinks we are all stupid like many of his supporters surely are but the electorate in blue is not fooled by him, suspect he lies constantly (See the NYT listing hundreds of his lies since he has been in office) and in view of that stretch our imagination to think that he thinks why would anyone suspect him of collusion with Russia when he threatens war with Syria, Russia's ally. The massive problem is we and the world do not know for sure. Even if this story is based on lies he still could attack and throw off Mueller's case against him by starting a HUGE war involving Russia to "prove" he is not in collusion with them. Our foreign policy, honed post World War II has been upended by Trump. Our allies, if they even are our allies in present time, simply cannot trust this major con artist and do not know if our electorate and Republican legislature who supports this immoral beast has lost its collective mind.

Trump, among a thousand other things, ruined our relationship with our NATO allies, split our nation in half, and destroyed a very difficult foreign policy that honed, post WWII, a balance of power creating, in most cases, some stability in a decimated bombed and blown up Europe.

I am not fooled by this cancer on our presidency. I hope our allies know the majority of our electorate does NOT support him and that his election was a fluke of an archaic voting modus operandi unique to the US, the inane outdated 18th century electoral college system. Trump LOST the popular vote by 3 million but won because of this dastardly unfair in modern times presidential system, along with gerrymandering and other voter suppression immoral Republican tactics.

We are in danger when, as economic conservative Edmund Burke, English 18the century philosopher said "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." DO NOT DO NOTHING. Face the truth with its deep and profound consequences. Whether it is the Republican sickness of its health care or Trump's crackpot ignorant and dangerous foreign policy RESIST this monstrosity Republican president and his sidecar of the Republican unethical and immoral legislature as you have never resisted before!

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