Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Framingham Residents beware--John Stefanini running for mayor is no joke

There is controversy about John Stefanini, candidate for Mayor of Framingham. Since I am not involved in local politics I rely on my extremely trustworthy source who says John Stefanni was the driving force behind making Framingham a city winning by a slim very slim vote. He was also, according to my source, allegedly behind the ginormous salary specified for the first mayor, and now he is running for the seat he created. He had plenty of time, according to my source, to raise money in advance, as he knew what he was writing for the charter and simply had to wait for it to be voted in (by a very slim margin of under 1% of the vote.)

When he saw that there was a credible candidate, Yvonne Spicer, who would give him a run for his “money” he allegedly took Yvonne’s nomination papers and poster which were legally and properly placed in the library outer lobby, hid them behind a trash can, and then tore off the reprints of articles about Yvonne that were glued on the poster.

See the surveillance video and reporting of the incident by the Metrowest Daily News:

Yvonne got almost 1500 signatures in 12 days, and was the first candidate for mayor to be certified for the ballot. She was a teacher and department head in Framingham schools for a number of years - very well liked. Her former students (many in their 30’s and 40’s) are volunteering now for her campaign. Moreover, she is now a VP of the Museum for Science, and on commissions for the Governor and the State Treasurer. See also her Facebook page and her web site (the splash page just went live)

If you have friends or relatives in Framingham I urge you to pass this email along allowing them to make their own choice knowing the facts as stated and not just voting for a familiar name. I believe in the utmost integrity of my source and therefore urge you to vote as I will for Yvonne Spicer and rid state and local government of what seems to be Trumpian-like noxious tactics.

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