Friday, May 12, 2017

NYT: "An Open Letter to the Deputy Attorney General" and My Comment -- A Cancer on the Nation

My Comment: There are no words anymore that adequately express the political hell in which we as a nation are. Maybe just maybe Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein can either appoint a special prosecutor, which I believe he should and said he would do if he thought he had to or conduct the investigation himself knowing that at least rumor has it that he was going to resign if Trump did not rectify the memo and tell the world that citing Dep. Atty General Rosenstein's Hillary Clinton prime reason that Comey must be fired was not true. It was, so obviously, bunk and preposterous as was Trump's lie that Comey told him Trump was not under investigation. He so obviously is!

Trump from his own stupid lips admitted in the Lester Holt interview yesterday the Russia "thing" weighed on him as Comey asked for more funds and personnel to expand the investigation into Russia's ties with Trump. He was to say the least fearful of that and, by some accounts, the explosively angry Trump decided to fire Comey. That very admittance along with the dinner Trump requested of Comey asking for Comey's loyalty to him may -- I say may -- be the obstruction of justice illegal thread pulled that can unravel the emperor's clothes.

What has our country done? Yet again, one must follow the money to see the rock under which the cancer destroying our nation lies!

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