Friday, May 12, 2017

My Letter to the FBI

I want to register my support of the FBI and Mr. Comey in view of the fact that it and he are getting so much criticism from our Executive branch. I am not​ a critic of the bureau nor am I a critic of Mr. Comey. I have believed for quite some time well into the Bush administration that Mr. Comey's credentials were impeccable and that he held no allegiance to any person or Party but he did hold allegiance to the truth ​and to the Constitution ​while making the most difficult decisions few would want to make.

I was and still am an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter. W​hile I was not thrilled at Mr. Comey's decision to reopen her email investigation before the election I believe now he arrived at his decision honestly and to the best of his ability tried to make the most ethical call. While I differed then with his decision I did not doubt for one second that he arduously deliberated the issues involved. He is by all accounts the most ethically deliberative ​of men.

It hurts me to see Mr. Comey's and the FBI's reputation tarnished by a Chief Executive who does not know how to tell the truth, lies all the time, and in view of that presents the electorate with the impossible task of believing or not believing what he says. Usually, I do not believe much if anything of what Mr. Trump says.

I do not for one moment think Director Comey a show boater or a granstander but think quite the opposite. It is an insult and the most ​​grievous offense to impugn Mr. Comey's reputation with those appellations, as he is, I believe, the most honorable of men. It is irony, indeed, that the show boater and grandstander is Mr. Trump.

Further, I could, as a rational person, never believe that Mr. Comey said to Mr. Trump that he was not under investigation. That is the most preposterous of statements Mr. Trump has made and he has made so many. The question he posed to Mr. Comey, the account of which I believe​,​ is if Mr. Comey were loyal to Mr. Trump. If that is not obstruction of justice then I do not know what is. I believe Mr. Comey said he was loyal to honesty. I further believe Mr. Trump called for the dinner meeting because the FBI was getting too close to the truth about the Trump administration's collusion with Russia and because it was the President of the United States Mr. Comey stayed true to the importance of that office and accepted the Mr. Trump's invite.

Please convey to Mr. Comey the fact that there are millions like I who know that his decisions were the apex of difficult but that he always has put country ahead of Party. Obviously, the Republican Party in particular is sadly incapable of doing that.

I hope the FBI will continue to scrupulously investigate all crime that threatens our nation but, in particular​,​ investigate and keep watch on this president's ties to a hostile power, Russia. If he or anyone in is administration were guilty of collusion with Russia that would be nothing short of treason. I hope justice will prevail in these United States again and that the FBI will play no small part in securing it!

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