Thursday, February 16, 2017

Show us the money -- the Russian connection:

If I hear our orange faced know nothing president blame Hillary Clinton for the Flynn, his own self-inflicted probably very illegal national security and other breaches I may have to find that building from which to jump! Some quotes Trump should read IF he can read at all. Shakespeare: "The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars but in ourselves." President Harry Truman: "The Buck Stops Here" meaning at the president's desk. It is preposterous how many avenues of blame the nation has been offered by this inept Commandant (yes, I mean Commandant) in Chief for the Flynn scandalous episode but this president will keep on preposterously blaming Hillary Clinton for everything but the proverbial sink.

The Flynn firing OR in the alternative resignation, we know not which because Trump and his administration tell us both, indicates this scandal probably runs deep. One man cannot take the blame for a Russian liaison both before the presidential election and after it without others higher in the chain of command giving him the green light to do it. We need some meat on the so far evidence thin bone. Those agencies that are investigating this Herculean swamp need to provide the nation something -- even if it is small -- to prove what we all know is probably true before Trump replaces those in the intelligence agencies with his own cronies who will bastardize that, Illusive word in in the Trumpian dictionary -- TRUTH. I believe Donald Trump during his campaign and even long before it had massive financial involvement with Russia so much so that the word Russian blackmail of Trump comes up so frequently in the investigation.

Moreover, Trump's campaign management, including probably Trump himself, had nefarious communication with an adversary of this nation prior to the election prodding it to hack into and find DNC emails to use against Hillary Clinton. I believe our intelligence agencies and even those of our allies know the truth but the investigation of its tentacles reach so far and wide it will take an army slogging through an Amazonian jungle of information to get it.

Trump's tax returns, which can and, I believe, have been sought by a FISA court could show much of what Trump needs to hide and why Trump refuses to release them. The information in them probably would show the never ending conflicts of interest and perhaps even a plethora of illegalities by this amoral entity whom this nation so unintelligently elected president. It appears Russia has something on Trump; probably financial as Russia holds a massive amount of his debt. They also probably know and have proof of other aspects of his extra curricula life when he was in Russia which we need NOT know except that most probably can guess what the smarmy details of it might be. We do know, by Putin's own admission, that Russia has the best prostitutes.

There is an avalanche of detail to know about the Trump/Putin connection from Trump's conflicts of business interest in Russia to the Russian hacking of a US election to skew the vote toward Trump and Trump's attempt at subverting and clandestinely changing Obama sanction policies as payback for the Russian election hacking of DNC computers to help Trump. Until we see some actual documented proof it is simply speculative through the NYT, the Washington Post and other professional news services.

The electorate needs at least some authoritative proof so we can see how much our safety and security have been compromised and why our intelligence sector AND even foreign intelligence sectors do not trust this president will not take the Russian treasonous express to tell his pal Putin what he knows. The FBI, the CIA and National Security have some of the proof on the Trump/Putin love affair which monumentally upset them in the first place. In the end I believe it is pay for play at its worst. Putin hands Trump the election and Trump by eviscerating sanctions and NATO gives Putin part of his empire back. I would believe what my own eyes see. Therefore LET'S SEE at least SOME OF THAT PROOF. Yes, show us the money!

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