Friday, January 27, 2017

The Implication of the wall and a bit more

If anyone thinks a mega expensive wall on the southwestern border is the answer to the alleged immigration issue they are dead wrong - emphasis on dead. Here are three opinions blogged on Facebook (including my own) about the wall, taxing goods coming into the country, taxing companies that send businesses/jobs to Mexico and what the ramifications of doing these things will be.

One more thing: To add to the chaos of American foreign policy vis a vis Mexico is the fact that Trump this weekend will speak with Putin, his beloved. It is rumored that the sanctions against Russia that Obama reimposed for hacking and other things will be removed or relieved improving the Russian economy leaving Russia the freedom, with Trump looking the other way, to move into at least the Ukraine and the Baltic states embracing a return or at least the beginning of a return to the old Soviet empire. As one American ambassador put it: Trump is moving the world to a "war footing!" Is it too fear-mongering to say Poland, Hungary, Romania, et als beware? Back to the wall:

Larry Brancato We are the ones going to pay for it [the wall], but Trump supporters are to stupid to see it, if he puts a 20% tax on imports we will be paying more for everything from Avacados, to kiwi, from strawberries to tomatoes, from machinery to medical equipment. The tubing my mother uses for her breathing machine come from Mexico. And the workers making products for export to Mexico will also get the shaft, because Mexico will tax imports. So while Trump says their paying for it in the end the American voter will be paying for it [and a trade war will begin.]

Natalie Rosen You are 100% CORRECT, Larry. Mexico will NOT pay for the wall. That is the issue or one of them in addition to the fact that if the Mexican economy is screwed by our action their economy just coming back from the doldrums will again be propelled into an economic downturn. So it means that Mexicans will again be desperate for jobs. Illegal immigration has already been curtailed by a Mexican economy that is improving. IF the US ruins that then it will jet propel more "undocumented" workers coming into this country and this gd wall that people think will work so swimmingly to keep them out WON'T! Life finds a way. This is a CRACKPOT "solution" by a CRACKPOT president to a NON problem that an immigration bill from Congress would fix but as usual Republicans care nothing about doing that or care nothing about anything that helps those in need period but they love their government health care/retirement options, love their government paychecks, and love all their billionaire lobbyists that fill their coffers with millions.

At the heart of Romney's con is tribalism pure and simple. The nationalists want to keep America white and not brown. In every way the American consumer is going to get the shaft! Trump is less than smart, understands nothing or just plain does not care and refuses to read and learn. He is an amoral man who has zero empathy or even curiosity as to what his policies will mean. It means a trade war will begin as Mexico will increase their tax on imports. Our once friendly neighbor to the south will NOT be so friendly and they will find other countries like Nicaragua, China or even Cuba from which to buy and sell their goods. America is NOT indispensable. Joy Reid said it best. It's NOT the Mexican worker that is the problem for the American worker it is and will be AUTOMATION and ROBOTICS that will kill American jobs!

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