Friday, January 27, 2017


The "Press Conference" with British Prime Minister May was the shortest ever. Trump read from cards and took only two questions. Journalists on CNN and even MSNBC are going out of their way to put a positive spin on it for Trump.

In my opinion there is NOTHING positive about it as one cannot believe one thing Trump says. Now he says he is okay with torture and thinks it works. Trump says his Defense Secretary Maddis, the former general, says torture doesn't work so now he is going with him. Oh really? I would believe that like I would believe Chris Christie was doing a "traffic study" when he stopped dead the traffic on the GW Bridge.

No one but no one can trust this president as he has shown time and again he will say what he knows someone wants to hear and change his position from the beginning of a sentence to a different posture at the end.  All of a sudden he supports NATO 100%. I DON'T think so as that is NOT what Vladimir Putin wants to hear. Fool me once .... can't get fooled again.

The press is running scared. HOLD POWER'S FEET TO THE FIRE. The proof is not in what the mendacious president says but by what he does!!!

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