Friday, December 23, 2016

Trumps on a Plane -- Confronting Ivanka

A passenger was removed from a JetBlue flight after confronting Ivanka Trump, who was on the same flight, with a tirade. My thought as an ardent Democrat emphatically progressive is why waste one's intense protest on something that will do nothing but add to those who support the illness of Trump while getting oneself arrested and removed from the place of protest. In addition to that, the man perpetrating the incident will now have to hire an attorney, pay lots of cash and IF -- I say IF -- he gets off will be relegated to a watch list they I am sure, as I write this, probably have his name on now. There is very little return on the investment one makes to personally confront and protest any of the Trumps.

The goal instead should be to join permanent protests or create organizations of like-minded people and scream that we are MAD AS HELL and are not going to take it anymore and then GET OUT AND VOTE DEMOCRAT like your life depends upon it which it does. That can and should be perfected with legal, nonviolent and intense tactics. Most all else especially violent or aggressive protest works to the detriment of our cause.

The violence perpetrated in 1968 by radicals on the left at the Democratic convention got us exactly nothing and, in fact, did quite the opposite the effects of which we experience to this day. It created the beginnings of a rightwingnut mass movement -- the so called "moral majority" -- and added to Republican ranks by permanently incorporating Dixicrats and other conservatives to elect the uber crook Nixon. That movement has been waxing more extremist in our time allowing heretofore fringe violent right wing malevolent nativists and other neo-Nazi-like elements of the so called Alt Right into their ranks.

Violent outbursts on the left, though I agree with the substance of their protest, will do NOTHING to achieve our goal of ENDING the right wing nativist extremist madness that has gripped our nation by the election of Trump with the potential of ending life on this planet as we know it through climate change or the horror of Trumpinsanity nuclear war.

The politics and presidency of Trump will work against those who were responsible for his incomprehensible election as much as it will affect everyone else who is not a member in good standing of the 1% wealthiest in this nation. Republicans will leave the middle class and the poor ultimately in due time with nothing -- no home, no money, no job, some forced to live on the street with no health insurance and many will die. Our national debt will soar as tax cuts are given to those who should be paying more and the military industrial complex will reap a fortune. The debt will be on the backs of the middle class where it has been for decades. Republicans want, as the billionaire Leona Helmsey termed us, "the little people" to pay taxes while they take it all including our measly Social Security check for which we worked, our access to healthcare and to Medicare or Medicaid for the poor. Pick your poison and Republicons are exactly about doing any or all of that. Confronting Ivanka Trump on an airline will do exactly nothing for our cause!

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