Thursday, December 22, 2016

McDonald's McTrump

Sent to me by an FB friend:

Thoughts from a very good friend of mine, who is a senior loan originator in CA.

'My business is down 90% because of interest rate hikes due to salivating Wall Street traders eager to cash in on Trump's deregulating. When stocks go up (to hedge ostensibly against inflation), then investors take money out of the 10 Year Bond market, which drives interest rates lower. I will need to retrench and strategize in 2017. It will be twice the work.

I think, from all the financial websites that I read daily, that this A-Hole Trump is going to ultimately bring this country down to its knees. His policies strongly allow the rich to 'loot' the system. The poor and medium income people are going to suffer tremendously.

With everything that he is promising, I see that the exact 'opposite' is going to happen. Medical fees will skyrocket, wages will be depressed, and there will be fewer jobs than what Obama created. The environment, education, women's rights, etc. will all suffer.

The real risk is his 'bull in a china shop' mentality in foreign affairs. This asshole will most definitely get the US into a major conflict. It will be MAJOR. He continues to 'double down' with his stupidity.

All the people that voted for this con man will finally see what they've done. It will be too late. This will take 1.5- 2 years to fully manifest. The best options will be to buy gold.

In Israel, just as in all his picks for Cabinet and other posts, he will fuck this up as well. I don't know, however, if there will ever be a 'two state' resolution as the Palestinians continue to trust leaders that lie and cheat (sort of like a bunch of Trumps). They can't even recognize Israel as able to exist. However, Netanyahu is too much of an aggressive hawk when it comes to new settlements.

The main issue with Trump, I feel, is his blind ignorance in international affairs and that you cannot treat country leaders as you would in business transactions. There will be major repercussions against the US. It will not be pretty. We will all suffer.

People today want fast results. I call Trump the "McDonalds President'. He's fast food with no redeeming value; no nutrition. Yet hes' the most marketed. People don't realize that he leads to obesity and health problems.

It's just like Floyd Mayweather, the boxer. He had a reality TV show for a couple of years. He was/is an excellent fighter. However when you ask people, especially millennials, who the 'greatest fighter of all time' was, a majority said that it was Mayweather. They had no memory nor reason to research any other fighters from 20-50 years back. No memory nor desire to eat except what is fed to them.

In this case, we are knocking on the door of WWIII. It's in tandem with Dutarte, Ergodan, what's happening in Italy, and other countries - populism + strongmen. It's a direct comparative to 1937-1938. We're going up shit's creek. It's best to live the next 2-3 years out as best as possible before the meltdown happens."

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