Tuesday, November 08, 2016


blogged by Becky Werner ~

Twas the night before the election and all through the house, Little Donald wasn't tweeting, Kelli Anne took his mouse. (And keyboard, the meanie)

The children were nestled in their gilded gold beds,while dreams of daddy's fascism danced in their heads

Melania in the nude and Donald in his toupee
Dreamed of all the dumb crap he would say the next day.

When on Trump tower roof there arose such a clatter, His "Orangeness" fell out of the bed and screamed "what the hell is the matter?!?"

Away to the elevator, he stumbled and sniffed
He hit the up button on his 14 carat gold lift.

He thought about the fake breasts on his wife, so hot. What was he thinking? Sniffle brain had forgot.

When, what do you know, what should appear, But a "Nasty Old Woman" and what looked like a reindeer.
(Hard to tell with *sniff* bad vision)

Now Biden, and Barack, I'll continue your vision
Now Jay-Z and Beyoncé and all my nasty women,

Through the glass ceiling - there won't be a wall
Now dash away, dash away! Dash away all.

And the glass, like rain, started falling down
They looked like crystal tears that on Drumpf's face slid down.

Away to the White House, Air Force One flew
With a whole lot of votes and Ex-President Bill, too.

And Trump's shriveled little fingers, like after a bath, Curled into tiny little fists, so great was his wrath.

He pouted, cried and growled about fixed elections
About how "Bigly" were his hands and also his erections.

But it did not matter. The die was now cast.
America's present would not be like Germany's past.

And the only wall that Trump would be currently building, was the one around his bank accounts that were rapidly wilting.

Hillary went to the Oval Office to continue her work, and Drumpf got his Twitter back and remained a big jerk.

America took a deep breath and enjoyed the great fall. Get a good night's sleep and "Happy Election Day" to All !!!!

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