Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The most diverse generation of voters in American history could save us from Donald Trump

My Comment: We know that Republicons in the form of Trump and desperate-to-hold-what-is-left of-their-Party-together Republicans, in any form, will keep hitting Secretary Clinton wherever they see an opening to do so. It is emotionally impossible for us to continually keep the emergency lights on for every sensationalized hot-off-the-press story against Secretary Clinton especially because the myriad of ad infinitum waste-of-taxpayer-money Republicon investigations of Clinton have, in history and in present time, been endless. They have turned up ZERO during her thirty or more years in the political limelight.

Therefore, we, the electorate, must focus our attention away from the cacophonous ear splitting sound of Republican mayhem and turn our efforts toward GETTING OUT THE VOTE FOR HILLARY AND DOWN BALLOT DEMOCRATS EVERYWHERE. IF WE GET OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE ESPECIALLY FROM EVERY MINORITY GROUP THAT SUFFERS UNDER THE REPUBLICAN JACKBOOT, WE NOT ONLY CAN BUT WILL WIN. The story below demands just that of millennials.

Further, Democratic operatives in the field in every state MUST monitor the security of the vote everywhere to guard against unethical Republicons who will stop at nothing to defeat Democrats by any means -- unethical, illegal or otherwise necessary and LIE ALL THE TIME about it. We must focus our attention on that and GETTING OUT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE EVERYWHERE with all deliberate speed!

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The most diverse generation of voters in American history could save us from Donald Trump
Bashing millennials, the youngest cohort of voters, is a recurring trope among many journalists . Yet despite their perceived cultural flaws, millennials hold the most…

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