Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New York Times Brutally Subtweets Trump With Hitler Biography Review--NOT NOW NOT EVER

My comment: I hate, loathe and detest Trump. I cannot even look at the orange-faced orangutan without muting the TV every time he speaks because I cannot stand his ugly voice sniffing away. It nauseates me.

Having said all of that I am leery of all Hitler comparisons because there truthfully has not been a saturated with evil man like he yet. The difference in our nation is that no one will keep silent. If he so much as tried dragging someone off in a train to deportation he and his goons will face resistance.

I am Jewish. The worst thing about the Holocaust, in my opinion, is that Jews went to the slaughter pretty much without resistance. They had no guns. When they did resist like in the Warsaw Ghetto of Poland it proved effective because the Nazis did not expect it. Now, in our time in our Republic NO ONE but NO ONE will be carted off to the slaughter without receiving resistance times 10. It is a different time, a different place and a different people. 

Moreover all this talk, in my opinion, will be moot as he is NOT going to take the presidency. People of color and Hispanics are enrolling to vote en masse and will NOT be denied. There are plenty of whites like me who stand with them side by side. It simply ain't gonna happen that this orangutan clown with his vile entourage will walk into the oval office... NEVER not now or not EVER!

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