Thursday, September 29, 2016

‘I Guess I’m Having an Aleppo Moment’: Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Foreign Leader -- link below

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, could not name one single foreign leader when asked who his favorite was by the great Chris Matthews on MSNBC. I saw the segment and nearly choked on my lentil soup. The sad state of the American intellect is, to say the least, depressing. Besides interspersing 50 million "likes" in a sentence many cannot speak, write or think in complexity. Nor do many know the simplest facts about our government or of American history let alone world history. Simply stand on a corner in Anywhere, USA and ask the simplest questions about our system of government or of our historical past and one will be amazed at the blank stares one gets. How did it get to be this way? I do not know but we are populated by Gary Johnsons galore. Fortunately they are NOT running for president but he and another ignoramus named Trump are.

Weld should bow out to make sure Drumpf does not slide into the oval office. Johnson may be a nice guy who should be flipping burgers at McDonalds or working at Walmart but running for President of the United States I don't think so. Frankly, no Republican either in government or out has, in my opinion, the intellectual gravitas and the cajones to tell the truth about what they stand for. Republican Speaker Paul Ryan is, admittedly, a smart Republican but, truthfully, why is he in the this game? Answer: MONEY. He wants the top 1% to pay the least amount of taxes or even no taxes like Drumpf so he can make the most from them and he wants the lower classes to pay for the Capitol roof or the roof of his home over his head.

I'll go out on a limb here to say most Republicons could not care less about those who have the least but vote more goodies for those who have the most selling us trickle down fakenomics that chokes us. Will Ryan tell voters that? Of course not. He will role out the Phony Baloney Dog and Pony Show of how small government and deregulation of, for example, banking and environmental protection are so wonderful and overspending Democrats are so evil. It is the example of failed, cruel and abusive no taxes policy. All for me and nothing for anyone else. Then, surprise, there is lead in the water or sludge in Lake Superior. An ignorant populous buys it because it sounds so good BUT history shows their vision of government does not work. It does not work as this nation's no cure economic viral infections over decades from Harding to Bush have proven over and over and over again. The nation calls upon Democrats to pull it out of the economic sinkholes that deregulated laissez-faire capitalism from from Panics galore, to the Great Depression, the many Recessions and polluted waters it created.

The nation does the best when the middle classes do well and we all pay equitable taxes to run a nation. Government spending creates jobs which creates tax revenue and reduces the debt. Wars, by the way, are VERY expensive.

Gary Johnson cannot name a foreign nation's leader he likes but he wants to reduce government to the size of a Grover Norqustian postage stamp. Without regulation, free enterprise runs amok as it pollutes and poisons when it is economically advantageous for it to do so the rest of the nation be damned. So, okay Gary Johnson did not know he should have said Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (my pick), Germany's Angela Merkel, Australia 's Tony Abbott, Turnbull, or King Abdullah of Jordan. We could forgive him that but we cannot forgive that the Republican moral compass is broken and if Drumpf if elected the nation will not be able to find its way out of a paper bag!

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