Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A quick debate review--off the top--BABE RUTH

I was SO very sick with a cold/sinus infection but I did everything I could to watch it all while sneezing, coughing and using up boxes of Kleenex. I did watch the whole thing and 1/2 hour of the analysis. I wanted to kick that rude lying excuse for a human Trump. He is so sickening, so awful, so utterly VILE and a pathological liar. I knew Hillary had won big.

Hillary was EVERYTHING she should be. Most of all she was prepared while Trump wasted the day. She looked beautiful, strong, smiling and utterly put together. It was like watching Babe Ruth in comparison to youth little league. I was SO happy. I had the worst absolute worst rhino virus of my life but if I was on my death bed I would not have missed it.

He is the worst piece of humanity to ever sadly cross our political paths. The reviews are coming in very good for her I think. She was SO prepared, the consummate professional and when he ever said she did not have the stamina the audience even laughed -- 12 hours in front of the Benghazi Committee, travel to 126 countries, Secretary of State she helped to make major agreements that were solid agreements, had two terms in the Senate yeah right she had no stamina. He is an IDIOT!

Trump was ugly and the split screen did him NO justice. His facial expressions were off putting. The guy never smiled--never. He sounded nervous with a very dry mouth drinking water profusely and the lies kept piling up. Oh by the way what is with that sniff? He sounded at times like he needed an oxygen mask. Okay, I know it's a low blow but since he is the king of the low blows he deserves it.

Last I saw in the middle of the debate it was Trump 11 lies and Hillary 0. I rest my case.

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