Monday, September 26, 2016

A Day at the Office

The opinion by Doug Bandow at the link below is excellent in its brevity but wise in its scope. It makes a compelling case in precise fashion against eternal war waged by the US. I urge you to read it in view of our upcoming election and US policies of continual war and the Wharton Business School fantastic Trump's risk of beginning a nuclear one. My comments are below the link:


It is truly amazing the nations we have hit and/or invaded in a century or more of invasive war. Post WWII we have waged permanent war all around the globe most of which were unsuccessful and all to advance US interests and, oh yes, fed to us through the faux line of democratizing and freeing the nations we invade.

Yes, every nation state has interests but our invasions are exceptional -- what else for an exceptional nation, perpetual and never ending. Often it does not win friends nor influence people. Our geographical blessing has kept us free from invasion but has not saved us from nation state condemnation and rage of those we attack. People get angry when you drop bombs on their heads and kill those attending a wedding, family reception, friends that they love and not to be forgotten the innocent children who do not know the why of any of it or what collateral damage means.

60 Minutes last evening showed a segment on the growing threat of nuclear war especially between Putin's Russia and us. It gave us a snapshot of our nuclear arsenal and the planes that will drop the nuclear bombs. It was chilling enough to freeze the toes off a polar bear. Those interviewed talked about it like they were making a ham sandwich or taking you through a tour of a Fritos factory. It was, indeed, one of the most frightening 60 minute segments I have watched.

Oh yes, Russia is prepared to drop a nuke and we are surely prepared to drop one on them or two or three. Whatever we have, of course, Russia has more encouraging our military industrial complex to salivate and prompt a desire to add more to our arsenal making those who own those companies very very very rich;1% rich. Ho hum, just another day at the office.

The cavalier attitude of both nations to fight a nuclear war albeit a small one was bone chilling frightening. So let's keep up never ending war and see who will be first to drop the bomb and begin a cavalcade of mutual and global destruction. If climate change does not kill you then nukes surely will!

Sure, elect Donald Drumpf who knows nothing about anything and see how fast he can jet propel the globe into annihilative nuclear war. Since he asks so many questions about the nukes he knows nothing about one can almost be assured if, god forbid, he is elected to the presidency he will love to try a few out! You know, like a new car. Simply take it out for a spin and while he is at it take the planet and us out with it What a guy!

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