Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Plagiarized Lessons and Deceptive Tactics: A Look Inside the Trump Institute

What more does one need to know (NYT link below) before this beast Trump is SOUNDLY defeated? Mitt Romney was right Trump is, in fact, a big con. He takes his lessons from the Bernie Madoff school of ripoffs and Ponzi schemes. True, Trump was not selling stock (that I know of) but he was allegedly selling phony deals like Trump University and the Trump Institute.

Now he wants to make the BIGGEST con of all -- the American people -- by taking us -- ALL of us -- for the world's biggest con, capturing the White House to use it in God knows what myriad of ways for his own personal gain and enrichment. I am sure the schemes one could create from it would boggle the mind.

 DO NOT LET HIM DO THIS. The dangers of electing this faker to the highest most powerful office in the world are ENORMOUS! I know you will do as I and everyone I know, vote HRC into office and stop this terrible con man from committing the biggest con of his life. As a relative quoted to me "the rising tide raises all yachts but cast small and medium boats upon the rocks."

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