Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mitt Romney: A Trump Presidency Would Spawn ‘Trickle-Down Racism’ -- I THINK NOT

 The entire Republican Party has themselves to blame for Trump. The attacks by Trump against Judge Curiel are par for the Republican racist course. Mitt Romney says with Trump there will be trickle-down racism. Calling Trump a racist is like calling Hitler antiSemitic -- No kidding. Most of the Republicon Party is ALREADY racist and why Trump is now its nominee. Why the so called "establishment" is going berserk against Trump is NOT because of racism. That is just the palatable excuse. Since when did Republicans and their Teabaggie friends care about racism? They care ONLY insomuch as it means the rest of the electorate will find Trumps judge accusation unacceptable and Hillary will walk into the White House in a romp.

The entire Republicon Party is the Party of white! What they do care about is trade. They like it and they like FREE trade. That is why they are so adamant against Trump under the guise of being against racism because he is against NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP trade agreements that have made the 1% disgustingly wealthy and left the 98% in a ditch. They do NOT care about you.

The Party that wants to deny the vote to THOUSANDS of blacks, blocked Obama with unyielding and insulting opposition politics is in toto about race. Calling Trump racist by Romney is utterly ridiculous. OF COURSE he is racist. That is what it means to be Republican and why white nationalsists and KKK white separatists find a home in the Republicon Party, why the Party is 80% white and why Trumpet ran as a Republicon appealing exclusively to the white male vote and he wants to get more of that white racist male vote.

It is why the south is red state Republicon. The ENTIRE racist hate- filled Party -- Trump and all --have a racist component and need to be electorally CRUSHED. But they do not care they are racist because their real care is about FREE trade. The 1% stands to lose billions if the vile agreements are expunged but the middle class will gain jobs. The Republican Party does NOT care about racism and does not care about middle class jobs. They are about losing their billions. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Republicans are in toto a racist joke if they were not so deadly consequential to the rest of us who are not.

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