Monday, May 02, 2016

My email to Bernie Sanders

Dear Senator Sanders: I am a STRONG Democrat and a believer in most every political policy you hold. I am old enough though to surely remember Ralph Nader and his ruinous third party campaign against Bush. It divided Democrats. It cost THOUSANDS of lives first on 9/11 and then proceeding with the Bush/Cheney ruinous Iraq War dismembering and destabilizing the Middle East. It would not have happened with a President Gore.

If I thought you were the Democratic front runner I would vote for you BUT reality speaks and you are not and I think never will be. It will NOT, one hopes, be a "contested contest" as you aver it will.

I ask you, NO I PLEAD with you NOT to play into media hands by giving them the fuel of discord and division they have seen in the Republican Party and the Trump campaign of which they have taken advantage handing Trump the Republican nomination by infinitely covering him because he is more entertaining. That is NOT how to select a president. Now they look to Democrats to provide them the entertainment of discord which was heretofore the Republican proxy. Do NOT allow that.

PLEASE do not hand Trump a general election victory. Please think about what you say and temper your remarks against Secretary Clinton who will be no doubt our Democratic nominee. Your remarks against her hand the Republican Party just what they want and WILL use all that you say to impugne her.

PLEASE do not let this be a repeat of the 2000 election when defeat was pulled out of the jaws of victory by a divided Democratic Party and progressive movement. Think how different and how many lives would have been saved and importantly what a head start we would have gotten on climate change with an Al Gore as president.

We WILL get the start we need on the ugly reality of man's contribution to climate change by electing the Democrat who will be the most likely nominee of the Democratic Party. I believe that nominee will be Secretary Clinton.

One reaps what one sows and IF you sow discord we will lose this race to the demagogue Trump relegating our nation to a catastrophic fate. We WILL lose lives and many of them through climate change and a reckless even deadly foreign policy by a know nothing god forbid President Trump.

Hillary Clinton has the knowledge, foresight and a plethora of experience to do an effective and professional job as president. As she has said there is more that unites our two political camps than divides us. PLEASE, I beg you, do NOT contribute to Democratic division. Unite us and your followers as only you can do to ensure not only victory to attain this ever so powerful office and election but to see a Supreme Court that finally will decide policy OPPOSITE to what heretofore this right wing extremist court has so destructive to the middle class and the poor bestowed. Justice Scalia is gone. That seat should now be filled with a fair-minded progressive who can make life easier for the poor, the powerless, women and the disenfranchised persons of color. End Citizen's United by uniting us under one Democratic umbrella geared to the probable nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton who will do just that.

In Harmony,

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