Monday, April 25, 2016

Ted Cruz and John Kasich Team Up to Stop Donald Trump

The dynamic due are a day late and a dollar short (see link below.) In reality, Ted Cruz is the worst of the worst of the worst. Cruz is a mean, cruel, sickening, loathsome, vicious, insane, moronic. Fundamentalist fanatic idiot who cares about one thing--Cruz and that's it. How Harvard gave him a degree I will NEVER know. Shame on you Harvard what a sorry representation of an Ivy League school.Cruz is. This jerk would repeal the Affordable Healthcare root and branch,knock MILLIONS off of health care, kill thousands and wreck our relationship abroad while he is at it. He is a MENACE to life. Kasich, although not great, has a few redeeming qualities -- not many but a few. How he can make a deal with the devil Cruz I will never know. By body language alone it appears Cruz's own daughter finds him repulsive as she squirmed to get away from his hold. Moreover,, one wonders about the Enquirer story shown on Rachel Maddow on his sexual hypocrite escapades. Is the Enquirer just a scandal sheet or telling the truth and whose number IS on the deceased DC Madam list? Inquiring minds want to know..

The Republican slate is an abomination. There is NOT one who has presidential qualities because the Republicrat Party has turned into the I hate government party, stands for deregulating everything, doesn't mind lead in drinking water, wants to get rid of regulatory agencies that really do protect the little guy. Ironically, the Republican Party itself should be ripped apart root and branch and think of some other rationale for governing a nation without crucifying the poor and the middle class.

Shame on ANYONE who votes Republicon. No matter who their nominee is they will lose BIG time in November and they know it. They are breathing their last breath and not soon enough for me!

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