Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Vote

This is the most important election of our life heading toward the presidential election in November. It ranks with the election of Lincoln in 1860 and the elections of FDR after the Great Depression because right wing extremist forces then sitting on the right could have prevailed. Now right wing extremism sits comfortably within a major American Party, the Republican Party. You do NOT want them to be victorious in November.

My vote is based on pragmatism as to who can best win and lead. As to policy I like both Hillary and Bernie BUT we MUST elect someone who can beat Trump or really beat any other Republican who is similar in policy TO Trump.

Massachusetts is a pivotal state but EVERY state is important. I have bet my political savvy honed through decades of experience to choose the one Democrat who is experienced and who, I think, can win. I personally place that bet on Hillary.

First, I HOPE and yes even pray you, your family and your friends VOTE. Second, I hope and, yes, even pray you, your family and your friends vote for Hillary. I think I am correct when I say she is our hope. I do not think I am infallible but on this I believe my political thoughts ring true.

I wish us luck, I wish us strength and I wish us MOST importantly especially in November victory. As Benjamin Franklin said at the founding of the nation: "We have a Republic IF you can keep it." Right wing extremism will kill it or at the very least turn it regressively back to another era. All the president has fought so hard for will be negated.

I do not think it is over emotional to say whether our nation lives or dies, I believe, is dependent on our Democratic vote.

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