Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Consequences of Trump

If one wants a Trump presidency then sure Sanders's supporters should be enthusiastic about their four wins yesterday BUT he is not going to win the general! Hillary can and, I hope, will. Once Sanders's supporters figure that out they should NOT take their ball, go home and sit out the election. Think what that would mean.

One can complain all one wants about the rancid policy decisions of this nation but Trump, if he wins, will build that wall probably in the process of having a war with our border ally Mexico, round up undocumented workers who knows in what numbers and in what cruel and unusual ways while splitting up families, expand Guantanamo, make war at the drop of a hat even a nuclear hat, bar Muslims from entering the US after they are seeking refuge from an illegal massive Iraq war the US should not have begun in the first place and insult, sometimes violently, just about every other minority, even the disabled, if they disagree with him.

Trump and his supporters are not the only ones who love this nation, progressives, independents and others do too and we should make sure to show that by solidly accepting reality, uniting the Democratic Party and winning in November. Nothing else matters!

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