Monday, March 28, 2016

Science and the Proposerous Noah's Ark

Re: "Noah's Ark dinosaurs" in the Sunday Globe: Creationists can believe in the tooth fairy BUT when their beliefs impinge on my safety and hijack the houses of power then I have a big problem with them. They cannot take advantage of medical truth that has brought them cures for disease because of all the knowledge that science knows to be true. They cannot accept that and then stuff their untrue fantasy down my throat and prevent those who intellectually think from gaining the clear advantage that science including and most especially evolution bestows. The first time the so called creationists injected their kids and themselves with the polio vaccine or any vaccine to prevent the most heinous diseases they are tangentially accepting an understanding of the evolutionary process of disease. Because of that understanding we KNOW that even the lowly virus and bacteria mutate into something else for their survival. It's elementary now and why we must curb our use of antibiotics, for example. This is why those ignorant groups set my brain on fire. The minute one gets in an automobile science made it so. Science makes ALL of western progress so and an easier life and survival for all life everywhere so.

The ability that makes what science says is true that is the billions of years old earth is that TIME makes it so. All of these developments did NOT happen overnight. The essential element is TIME. And further the viciousness not to mention the size of, for example, the dinosaur beasts would make living side by side with them impossible. They had the advantage for a time and would have eaten humans out of existence. And on this Ark where would those animals have done their bodily functions such as eating the vast amounts of food they needed and eliminate it as all life does? Elementary questions but necessary ones for those who incredulously believe in untrue junk as truth. It isn't it's fantasy. A 5000 year old document written by men could NOT know the truth we have learned over millennia. TIME is the operative word and billions of years of it. [link below]

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