Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I enclose the text of the Democratic front runner for president, Hillary Clinton's speech on terrorism at Stanford University today here or below. I thought Secretary Clinton's speech at Standford on the Brussels terrorist attack was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. I was so proud of her and to be an ardent supporter of her candidacy. She will, if she is our Democratic nominee, and I think she most definitely will be, run rings around any of the Republican candidates who are so far from being qualified for the oval office it is stunning.

Secretary Clinton was brilliant, completely knowledgeable, serious and succinct about issues concerning the Middle East and terrorism. Why shouldn't she be? She has the experience in triplicate that is needed to assume this difficult job. No one in the Republican Party of know nothings can compete with her.

Thank you for the wonderful speech, Secretary Clinton, you gave at Stanford. I am going to try when the Secretary wins the Democratic nomination to work my heart out for her and sing the praises she so justly deserves.

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