Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Deadly Explosions Rock Brussels Airport And Subway--Fuel to Trump

Explosions in Belgium will give fuel to Trump who will advocate for increased uber violent policies that will embolden those who perpetrate these brutal revenge acts on the west and on other Muslims who do not agree with its ludicrous beliefs! The electorate must not be bamboozled again.

Lay the creation of ISIS and its violence at the feet of George W. Bush who conducted an entire trillions of bucks Iraq war based on lies, killing hundreds of thousands, destabilizing the entire Middle East, creating refugees by the millions and in the end creating ISIS and groups like it that perpetrate mayhem right back on us.

The more virulent talk by Trump and those who support him puts ALL of us at risk. It does one thing for sure: It EMBOLDENS those who want to destroy western culture and worse may have access to nuclear devices all over the world. THINK on that before you pull the lever to vote for Trump!

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