Thursday, March 10, 2016

Anderson Cooper's interview of Trump about Muslim hate

Trump thinks that Muslims hate us and goes on saying pretty much the same thing throughout the interview by Anderson Cooper. Anderson comes back at Trump with not much.

I believe the media fails at its investigative task of speaking truth to power and I wish, at times, I were in the interviewer's seat to have targeted questions posed in response to, in this case, Trump's simpleton beliefs.

How about Anderson suggesting, perhaps, the Muslim world, most especially the oil producing nations, are, in fact, angry with the west and maybe they are angry at western political policy post World War I carving out and forming their nation states, extending into the removal by the CIA of Mosadeq -- a democratically selected and beloved Iranian leader -- and placing the murderous Shah as head of state in Iran.

Finally, Anderson could have asked him if he would not be upset if a powerful nation state with the excuse of "preemptive war" dropped carloads of bombs on his house killing his family, friends and children too just because that nation could while having NO justification for an Iraq war that placed boots on Muslim ground killing thousands, creating millions of refugees and dismembering the Middle East tinderbox all based on a lie. And for what?

Anderson could have suggested it was for oil -- maybe?

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