Sunday, March 13, 2016

After all these years--an email to the principal of Catholic Memorial

Mr. Folan: At a basketball game these know nothings from Catholic Memorial again chant a centuries old accusation against Jews? This is UNACCEPTABLE behavior which in other times culminated in the Holocaust and the killing of the six million. It deserves more than a mere apology. Those who stated "The Jews Killed Jesus" should be found out and made to extend a PUBLIC apology themselves and not through just you. Moreover, some who instigated it should be threatened with suspension.

Further, a lecture should be given as to the religious and historical etiology of those hurtful words and in emphasis they should be told of the Vatican's removal of that malevolent thought from Catholic teaching. High school students need to be taught!

SHAME ON those who uttered those dastardly words and shame on the hierarchy of Catholic Memorial for its tepid response. Antisemitism is alive and well after all these years and should be vociferously and adamantly criticized with penalties paid when it is!

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