Wednesday, February 10, 2016


A Trump win would be disastrous for this nation not only dividing it domestically but having devastating effects internationally especially in the Arab world.  This nation is NOT the only powerful "exceptional" nation in the world -- far from it.  Other nations will not give one poop as to what a President Trump bombastically screams especially in the Middle East -- perpetual and eternal war will be reality. 

Adding to the horror of it Europe has far right wing nationalists parties which have been on the fringe post WWII but are gaining traction with Middle East refugees fleeing in droves to it and with a US Trump win the nationalist right wing will gain more credence there.  If WWII is an example of just how death wielding Europe CAN be if wingnut extremists take power then in the 21st century, if that happens, I cringe at the possibility.

This time the world is a nuclear powered one with not only Europe having nukes but Pakistan, Israel and, if the Iran deal is foiled, Iran will have them too.  Add to that North Korea and the insane Kim Jong Un, who is a force that could become out of control, salivating at exploding a nuclear bomb especially on the US Pacific shore.  THAT spells doom. 

Reality check: Total votes cast:  Democrats - 227,543; Republican Trump, Kasich and Cruz -- 164,646; Republican top five 221,606. Democrats with persons of color and the Hispanic vote have the distinct majority. 

Meanwhile, climate change is real and our planet is melting add to that a Fukishima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and if god forbid these nuclear powered nations decide to push the buttons ..... well, I won't go there.

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