Friday, February 05, 2016

A Letter to Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush:  Since Huff Post posted your email I decided since my proclivities for this modus operandi of technology I love to use I would apprise you of my thoughts.

I will not be mendacious and tell you I am an ardent Republican.  I am not although my father was and even supported your dad with enthusiasm.  We had loving although ardent political disputes as I, after college, ended up on the decidedly left side of the political spectrum.  I am an ardent life-long Democrat who above all loves justice and fair play most especially for the poor, the disabled and the dispossessed. 

You, I will admit, of all the Bushes are the most palatable, seemingly kind and cerebrally adept to me.  I hope you will take what I say in the spirit in which it is given as an explanation for your poor showing in your Republican Party primaries.
Your Party has traveled a long road since the Party of Lincoln.  I aver most in your Party, if they lived at that historically turbulent time, would not have supported emancipation of the slave but would have been approving of Justice Taney's unjust Dred Scott opinion.

In modern times it is, I believe, impossible for you to be separated from your Brother George.  You are bound to him like twins in utero are bound to each other. 

In my opinion his presidency was, perhaps, one of the worst in history.  Time will tell how historians judge him but you cannot, I believe, run away from his historical malignancy and history's probable indictment of him.  Certain elements make this so. 

In short, your brother was warned of 9/11 in his PDB and did nothing.  Moreover, he was not intellectually gifted enough to challenge those in his administration that drove a nation to invade another based on a WMD lie because that nation, Iraq, had done nothing to us.  His preemptive strike illegally toppled a government and by so doing destabilized a tinder box Middle East.  There was as you must know no Al Qaeda or ISIS in Iraq but there surely is now.  He gave those in the Middle East a reason to revolt.  In addition, he had bin Laden trapped at Tora Bora and the order from on high was to stand down.  No one knew why.  Perhaps, it was the justification he needed to pursue a war that has killed thousands, wounded thousands more and sent a million Iraqis into exile.  Again, the US may have won the battle by unseating Hussein but clearly lost the war.

Add to this, the utter mismanagement of an immoral war, the 2007 collapse of the economy proving as if we needed more proof that trickle down economics, taxing the middle class and absolving the rich of paying their fair share does not work.  Nothing trickles down but much trickles up to those who surely do not need it.  The national debt Republicans say they care about so much expanded by trillions on your brother's watch.

The mismanagement of the catastrophic storm Katrina by "heck of a job Brownie," a trainer of Arabian horses but an incompetent and unqualified manager of FEMA, put the icing on the legacy of the Bush administration's historical cake.

You, in my opinion, the better Bush, are imprisoned by your brother's inept leadership killing hundreds of thousands who did not need to die.  No matter how much you love him policies matter.  It is too bad because of all the sorry malignant Republican candidates for the presidency you are probably the most qualified to seek the nation's highest office.


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