Thursday, December 31, 2015

Making a Nation Great Again

In response to the William Labarge letter of December 31 in the Metro West Daily News entitled "Trump Exposes Republican Depravity" linked here I could not have expressed it better. Trump appeals to the very same know-nothings to whom the Republican Party has continually appealed except the so called "establishment" candidates do so in, perhaps, more acceptable form.  The message essentially is the same as it has always been since the transformation of the Dixicrat-Democrat south to Republican during the Nixon moral majority law and order camouflage years.

The Republican Party has now, though, morphed into something worseAs our first black president took office in 2008 Republicans decided to obstruct everything he wanted to do even if it was their own Republican policy they touted before he took office. He was the nation's first black president and Republicans simply could not tolerate that. Add to the racist animus the nation's economic convulsions due, in pertinent part, to Republican trickle down duplicity, Wall Street Republican crony fraud and Republican foreign policy based lies and eternal war. Presto, one gets our present-day noxious Republican Party. Trump, Rubio, Bush, and Cruz are all the same because the Republican Party is all the same -- the Party of Trump.

My letter writing has become less frequent with each national catastrophe most especially the climate never ending disasters (watch Missouri and the west being obliterated by climate change storms in extremis) and I give up. Al Gore, a decade ago, was utterly correct and posed a very inconvenient truth. Republicans, yet again, are on the wrong side of that truth as they almost always get every other issue wrong as well. It is nauseating.

Republican Party, as Shakespeare might have said, do not blame the stars for your anger blame, indeed, yourselves. Republicans are not making this nation great again they are killing it!

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