Saturday, June 13, 2015

To Tell tjhe Truth -- Jeb Bush Gets it Wrong -- Again

YET again the media blows it. Touting Jeb Bush as "being comfortable in his own skin" and not making any gaffes on his trip to Poland they get it wrong. OH YES HE MADE A GAFF and why did only Rachel Maddow catch it (see link here or below?) He said the former Foreign Minister and now the equivalent of Speaker of the House of Poland was a great US ally when in fact he spoke against the US and was caught on tape doing so. He resigned the day before Jeb Bush met him and just as old Jebby said what a great ally he is. WRONG he dislikes the US and the tape of his saying it proved it. Reminded me of his know nothing brother saying he could see into Putin's soul. Yeah right!

So WHY do the networks fail to report it that way? That was a BIG gaffe that old genetically gaffe prone Jebby said and just wait there will be others. He is INCOMPETENT to be president and looks very uneasy and NOT comfortable at all in his own skin. Beltway press, TELL THE TRUTH about Republicans for once will ya?

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