Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Still Alice" -- A Review

I LOVED this film, Julianne Moore and Alex Baldwin in it. It completely emotionally covered me and I cried much. Many, I am sure, who see this film have had at least some experience with neurological diseases like Alzheimer's or something else. My own family has suffered with that and more. 

I thought the film reminds us what truly is important in life and that it is about love, as Alice, so compromised by the erasure of her personality by the disease, still in the end, saw! Julianne Moore is incredible but this film may not be for everyone unless you can see 

the realities of life played out without wanting to hide under the covers that will not, in the end, save anyone. I watched the movie in segments because it saddened me so but I believe it is necessary to see the sad of life to appreciate the happy of it as well.

What a wonderful film "Still Alice" is. T'were the trillions wasted on killing humans in endless wars of stupidity instead were spent on the research and treatment of nature's mistakes that could save many of us from an unacceptable fate. 

 The why of it all has always eluded me but we go on nonetheless, I  believe, to fight for humane and just causes with the hope our one
little life can mean something good for those who follow.

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