Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dumb as Dirt

CNN just reported that W. Bush has now upped his favorability rating from a low when he left office to now a high of 52%? By whose yardstick did he do this? This utter nincompoop presidential moron who led us into the greatest recession since the Great Depression, this immoral frog killer draft dodger ushered in the greatest military debacle and defeat in US history, the same one ordering "shock and awe" and the illegal Iraq War killing hundreds of thousands and dismembering the Middle East to what it is today -- loaded with Sunni ISIS the same guys his moron-in-crime Iraq manager Bremer disbanded, with no job, no money but plenty of ammo to fight another day and kill Americans.

Why the Bush/Cheney gutter snipes are not sitting in jail with their henchmen I will NEVER know. And OH YES, this same gutter snipe frat boy who missed the "Presidential Daily Briefing" that said before 9/11 that "Al Qaeda set to attack within the US" did nothing but tell George Tenet, CIA director, that now he "covered his ass;" the same president that said getting Bin Laden was not important that he did not even think about it;" this same one, the worst president in US history is getting an over 50% approval now????

I simply do not believe it and do not know in what universe our nation sits. If I believe that 52% think George W. Know Nothing Bush was AOK then I have to believe those who are giving him an over 50% approval rating are as DUMB as dirt.

If you do not want eternal, never ending war and religion mixed with politics then NEVER EVER NEVER send another Republican within eye-shot of the oval office or for that matter the Congress!

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