Thursday, June 04, 2015

Cable Rape

There are merger talks going on with Dish Network and T-Mobile Story below.

I am a capitalist and think it the best economic system to create quality and provide the most product choice to the consumer BUT if there if there is no choice then what? There is no quality. Nothing makes me angrier than the monopoly of the few cable companies the consumer has from which to choose. This is NOT capitalism.

It's a scam and they have us by the throat because we have such limited choice. Why? Corporatist money controls politics. When those elected to Congress get their hands OUT of the plethora of corporate cash paying to play then maybe we can have our nation back and it can work as it once did for the 98%!! The game is rigged because the Congress allows it to be so and Congress is rigged because the electorate ALLOWS it to be so.

When a former Speaker of the House goes into Congress with a total worth of $250,000 bucks and comes out with millions it does not take a rocket scientist accountant to understand what is happening especially when the phenomena is multiplied by the 100's that occupy both the Senate and the House.

One signs up for FIOS, they raise their rates within a year and you ditch them for RCN that for one year has maybe a decent price with which one can live. Then slowly the rates go up so one switches to Comcast or back to RCN, repeat as directed.

One is playing musical chairs with three cable companies. Worse one must pay for a faster connection to boot. If you don't pay you will have the slowest most frustrating blood pressure rising turtle Internet connection on planet Earth. IT'S A RACKET and the FCC allows it because they are paid to do so. The average consumer does not have a competitive chance to get a fair price because they have so few companies available from which to choose. Paying for cable (a must in our tech age) eviscerates one's bank account.

UNTIL the US electorate sees what is happening because of those whom THEY put into office and sees that the Republcan Party ESPECIALLY (although Democrats surely do it too) is NOT about any of the 98%. We must drop kick them out of Congress or we will be living an oligarchic nightmare of not just cable but everything else as the many are controlled by the billionaire few!

AMERICA, WAKE UP your Congress especially your Republican Congress is NOT NOT NOT about most of you!

Yet another reason to vote Democrat. Democrats are not perfect but they are legions better than rightwingnut side of the isle! 

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