Saturday, May 09, 2015

My Letter to Rachel Maddow:

We LOVED your tribute to your mother.  It was to us very moving.  I said to my partner that your mother's choice was our gain.  I cannot tell you in words that sufficiently convey how much you mean to us.

I was born post WWII but grew up in the 1950's so I relate to that stifling era and matured in the 1960's and the wonderful late 1960's at BU, the Berkeley of the east.  We relate to the Mad Men era.  Your birth has helped us immeasurably and I know you have saved and do save lives.

We watch you every night without fail and marvel at your ability to take obscure historical events and weave them into present day news.  We are awestruck by your academic excellence and consider ourselves so fortunate that you are on the humane and empathetic political left of center side.  You are the best of the best in a world that can be so frightening especially with the off-the-rails Republican Party of Crazy.  I am hoping you along with many others who share your gift and the millions of us who supported the President and all Democrats in 2008 will get out to vote again in 2016 to crush the often obscene opposition of unconscionable hate.

Thank you for being you.  We thank your mother and father too for producing you, a life without whom we would be sorely diminished. 

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