Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Mourning "Mad Men"

"Mad Men," the series to which I have been glued since 2007, I am now mourning. I am mourning Sterling Cooper and "Mad Men" before it even ends! What a series it has been and that is an understatement. Would it appeal to those young ones born in the 1980's? I suspect not.

I am, it is no secret, in love with the 1960's because unlike Caesar's Gaul it is divided not in three parts but in two.

I came out of the 1950's, grew up in the 1960's and LOVED until death the LATE 1960's. Life for me in that era was a shot of adrenaline. It infused me with hope, a love for life and a feeling that the nation as I knew it was going to change humanely for the better and I would be with the army of Gene McCarthy to do it.

Now I stopped hoping and have leaned back into silent resignation that despite hating so much of our red state right wing extremist life, we the children of the 1960's, if one looks back, did in fact change a lot.

It is what Howard Zinn always told me. Don't look at history now look at where it has been, how much it has changed and what it could still be in the future IF we work hard enough. All I can do is try but I cannot help but feel sad as if someone or something died.

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