Friday, April 24, 2015

Greenwald "What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger?" Worth reading

Glenn Greenwald, civil libertarian attorney and writer, surely knows how to get one to think about issues which few have probably thought about in depth before.  Could giving one the middle finger provoke such profundity of thought?  After one reads the article I think one will say yes.  I link it here or below.

I do not always agree with Glenn but I do love thinking on the issues he brings to the table. And by the way I LOVE
the phrase he uses about the conservative journalistic sensationalist rag of stupidity, the New York Post owned by the would be journalistic monopolist Rupert Murdoch.  He calls it:

"The Murdochian id of American journalism, the New York Post"  

Glenn Greewald is a brilliant man even though I do not always agree with him and one to whom I could listen for hours!

A comment to him on his Tsarnaev article:  When one plays over and over and over the torment Tsarnaev's victims experienced one becomes flooded with rage and the desire for revenge on the perpetrator.  It is a natural response and one not limited to the US.

Who has not been to a marathon?  I used to watch it from my father's store as a little girl.  To take that innocence and turn it into a political statement and a brutal violent murderous act is to me cerebral blasphemy.

Never did I ever have to fear watching people from all over the world run in the most famous of marathons.  There is something beautiful in this nation irrespective of its political and foreign policy entanglements.  We are a geographically isolated nation and irrespective of my critical political thought I still believe in an Ann Frankian way that most people in this nation are basically good at heart.

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