Thursday, April 23, 2015

Got Gadahn -- GOOD!

I split with my progressive compatriots on this issue. The president was apologizing for the collateral damage of two aid workers one Jewish American (Weinstein) and one Italian. But we did kill Adam Gadahn an American citizen turned Al Qaeda who had a million buck bounty on his head and one other whose name I do not know. Both were American Al Qaeda and both were very important in Al Qaeda leadership.

I mourn for the hostages Al Qaeda took and were mistakenly killed by a US drone BUT I rejoice in the elimination of Gadahn despite the lack of constitutional privileges accorded to him as an American. The hostages by doing the aid work they were knew full well the risks.

If there is a sniper on the roof across the street I do not care if he is a Martian I am glad when he is taken down. I do not care about the omission of Gadahn's civil rights. As far as I am concerned he abrogated those rights when he joined this murderous cult. The US has wanted him for a long long time and we got him. I say GOOD job, Mr. President.

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