Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore Baloney

The lawless alleged enforcers of the law in Baltimore are now trying to say and the Washington Post rag is reporting another prisoner in the van separated by a metal wall could hear Freddie Gray trying to hurt himself.  Oh yes, how many times does one sever ones spinal cord on one's own?  A neurosurgeon reported today there were 20,000 spinal cord injuries and only one was self inflicted and that was in Japan.  Who is kidding whom?

To have the hutzpah to say that Freddie Gray did that to himself is outrageous as it is immoral.   It is Baltimore police speak cover up! Are they kidding me?  The Washington Post rag leaked that information and they think a moronic idiotic statement like that is going to take the onus off the police and calm things down?  It is going to be another Missouri Officer Wilson who will get away yet again with murder.  I think the people in Baltimore will go berserk if this statement is put out as truth.  It is a fabrication to cover up the most egregious behavior by law enforcement since the Rodney King beating.  At least King lived to tell the story. If it makes me enraged I can only imagine how persons of color feel.

How could the other prisoner in the van tell who was banging on the wall when a metal opaque wall was between them and he could not see the extent of bodily harm or who inflicted it? 

In my opinion the more probable happening is that the police had Gray's hands cuffed putting him on his stomach his legs bent backwards tightly.  His spinal cord may have snapped in transit.  No one knows .... yet.  When transporting him there is a particular torture practice called a "Rough Ride" when the police van takes hard turns left and right and hard stops bouncing the prisoner around like a basketball.  It accounts for other spinal cord injuries. 

I would be hopping mad if there is not a proper unbiased investigation NOT by the police but by and independent prosecutor otherwise it is simply Baltimore prosecutorial baloney!

UPDATE:  A new statement was delivered with new information of a video showing yet another stop was made by the van holding Freddie Gray that the commissioner is saying changes the veracity of the first delusional statement that Mr. Gray did this to himself.  Sure, he did this to himself my posterior.  Dream on Baltimore Police dream on.  Someone(s) should be tried for murder!

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